‘Having conviction is very important, but there’s a catch’: - Momentum’s Omid Farhang on what it takes to be a great creative

The Drum recently caught up with Momentum’s chief creative officer Omid Farhang to find out what he thinks it takes to be a great creative.

Farhang thinks that creatives who do well in this business are often the ones who are able to maintain their confidence and stand by their convictions while staying humble and open to criticism at the same time.

“To succeed in this business is to constantly be reconciling this contradiction between faith and belief in yourself and faith and belief in a larger creative process that you’re a part of,” he said. While he acknowledges that this reconciliation is not always an easy road to navigate, he believes that it is a key ingredient for success.

Throughout his career, Farhang has held creative positions at agencies including Narrative and Creative Artists Agency. He began his career at CP+B, rising from intern to group creative director and creating work for Volkswagen, Burger King and the Gap.

His full interview with The Drum can be viewed above. Find out what Droga5's group design director Annette Berry said when we asked her what it takes to be a great creative.

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Minda Smiley

Minda Smiley is a reporter at The Drum covering creativity and advertising. Based in Philadelphia, she oversees creativity coverage in North & South America and runs The Drum’s weekly “US Creative Works” roundup. During her time at The Drum, she has covered industry events including SXSW, ANA Masters of Marketing, 4A’s Transformation and C2 Montréal and has interviewed dozens of creatives for The Drum’s “What does it take to be a great creative?” video series.

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