Social media reactions predict X Factor win for Saara Aalto

If this weekend’s X Factor winner was based on social media alone Sharon Osbourne’s contestant Saara Aalto would be crowned the winner.

Saara Aalto is tipped to win the X Factor by Socialbakers

According to Socialbakers, Finnish singer Aalto - who languished in the bottom two in the early days of the competition - has turned things around to win over the British public.

Aalto takes on Matt Terry and 5 After Midnight in the final with Terry placing second for social mentions. 5 After Midnight, however, don’t even feature in the top five.

Going by ‘Love’ emojis on Facebook, Aalto has recorded a massive 645309 reactions and Terry 129080. Scottish contestants Ryan Lawrie and Emily Middlemas, who were voted out during weeks seven and nine respectively, were the third and fourth most ‘loved’ contestants on Facebook.

Moses Velasco, VP product and chief strategist at Socialbakers, warned though “historically, the contestant that the general public is making the most noise about isn’t necessarily the one that comes out on top,” evidenced by the fact Freddy Parker - who was eliminated in week two - polled fifth with 27762 love emojis.

“Our analysis doesn’t stop at who’s being talked about the most, but looks further at who had had the largest follow growth, amount of mentions, Facebook reactions and highest level of user interactions. Saara Aalto has done a complete u-turn and has managed to win over the hearts of the Great British public,” commented Velasco, adding Aalto is also one of the highest ranking by ‘wow’ and ‘haha’ reactions.

“While Matt Terry tops the list in terms of increased follower growth on Instagram, Saara is winning in the interactions stakes, driving the highest engagement out of all the competitors. With the public starting to relate to Saara, there’s a strong chance she’ll be able to beat Matt Terry, who’s been a favourite with the judges all series.”

The X Factor final weekend kicks off tonight (Saturday 10 December) on ITV.

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