Godiva’s holiday gift box is a chocolate lover’s dream

Chocolate lovers, rejoice: Godiva’s holiday gift box contains not one, but four boxes of its signature luxury chocolates.

Called “The Box that Keeps Giving,” the chocolatier created the box in hopes of facilitating generosity during the holiday season. When someone opens the box, they’re greeted with two smaller boxes inside - one for keeping and one for gifting. While the "To Keep" box is filled with chocolates, the "To Gift" one is filled with two more boxes inside - one to keep, one to give. The Russian nesting doll style of gift-giving continues until there are only two chocolates left.

Talk about having your cake (chocolate) and eating it too.

Created by McCann New York, the box is brought to life in a short stop-motion video (above). During the annual tree lighting ceremony at Rockefeller Center in New York City last month, the brand held a “launch event” for the special edition box, which is available in select stores across the country for the holidays.

Godiva recently tasked Pearlfisher New York with rebranding and redesigning its core line of chocolate bars.

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