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2006: Kobe Bryant jumps over speeding car in Nike video

To celebrate the Ad Club of New York's 120th anniversary, The Drum is inviting readers to share their favorite marketing moments from the past 120 years.

Today’s marketing moment was chosen by CEO of Jun Group Mitchell Reichgut. Below, see why the 2008 Nike video of NBA star Kobe Bryant jumping over a speeding Aston Martin is his favorite marketing moment.

Nike created one of the first truly, global viral videos. It captured enormous attention and was a massive hit that marked a moment where an icon global brand went from TV to the Internet.

This piece was a great example of a brand providing value and sparking conversation in an organic way.

It was entertaining and it touched off a widespread debate as to whether or not the stunt was real.

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Minda Smiley

Minda Smiley is The Drum's US advertising reporter, covering how brands and agencies are using today's platforms, technologies and innovations to connect with consumers.

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