WPP chief Sir Martin Sorrell voices his opinion on Donald Trump's potential impact on businesses

WPP CEO Sir Martin Sorrell has warned that the possibility of Donald Trump winning the US presidency should not be underestimated.

In an interview with podcast Media Focus, the WPP chief executive, said he felt that the Republican frontrunner's possible impact on the business world was unclear.

Sorrell suggested that Trump could shift his focus from his current extreme stance on a number of sensitive issues to a more "centre" focus in a presidential campaign.

He said:" “I think you already pick up that Trump is moving more to the centre. You also pick up that Trump doesn't have specific policies, but he could probably cut and paste – he could probably go and look at every candidate... and just take what he considers the best [policies].

“So I don't underestimate Trump. And Trump's daughter, Ivanka, who I know a little bit, is superb... Any man that can produce a daughter like that hasn't done everything wrong.”

When directly asked if Trump could represent a threat to the business Sorrell said: " We don't know what Trump stands for... from a business point of view, who knows?”

Sorrell's stance on Trump is more reserved than many other high ranking business leaders who have voiced their concerns about the risk they believe Trump poses for businesses. Earlier this month Economist Intelligence Unit named Trump as one of the biggest risks to the world - ahead of a Brexit and the rise of jihadi terrorism.

Recently Sorrell found himself the centre of tensions with shareholders after he received more than £60m from a long-term WPP bonus scheme.

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