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'I’m looking for clever, brave ideas' – Chip Shop Awards judge Laura Jordan Bambach throws down the gauntlet

The Chip Shop Awards are back for another year to recognise the most out-there, cheeky and creative ads the rogues of the advertising world can muster. And as the 1 April deadline for entries approaches, we will be bringing you some insider advice on what it takes to win a coveted Chip.

The Drum has tapped the minds of our judges, creative directors from Mr. President, Innocent Drinks, Edelman, Sunshine, Arc London and One Minute Briefs, to find out about their most outrageous advertising experiences and get to the bottom of what makes the perfect Chip Shop ad.

Today Laura Jordan Bambach, D&AD president, co-founder of SheSays and creative partner at Mr. President, chimes in with her top tips.

The Drum: How can Chip Shop entrants make sure their work gets your attention and doesn't get relegated to the bottom drawer forever?

Laura Jordan Bambach: I’m looking for clever, brave ideas that I can imagine making an impact on a client’s business if they’d be adventurous enough to buy them. Not cheap, tacky or “for the sake of a funny line” ideas.

TD: What do you think the Chip Shop Awards bring to the industry? Are these awards a dirty joke or the place to stretch your advertising wings?

LJB: Both in equal measure.

TD: What's the best idea for an ad you've ever had that never ran?

LJB: I couldn’t possibly tell you - still hoping it might happen! Save to say we had a standing ovation from the clients in the meeting as “the best thing they’ve ever seen".

TD: Can you tell us about the most daring pitch you've been involved in - or heard about? (You don't need to name names.)

LJB: We once used found online footage of the founder of the business to cut a film where he talks about hiring us and taking us on holiday, to play at the end of the pitch. Quite risky, but we knew that he had quite a mischievous reputation. We won the gig and sealed the relationship.

TD: Where is the line between being provocative and going too far in advertising?

LJB: Its all about the intent, the empathy. The smarts. Provocative is intelligent and challenging differentiation, going too far is just being stupid.

TD: Is advertising more or less outrageous than it used to be? And is this a good or bad thing?

LJB: Less outrageous and that’s a bad thing - there’s nothing worse for a brand than mediocrity. But we are smarter now, and have more interesting places to play.

Last week we interviewed Chip Shop judge and Leo Burnett UK executive creative director Beri Cheetham on the immediacy with which entrants must articulate their ideas.

For some inspiration, check out our Chip Shop Awards Hall Of Fame. Or for more information on how to enter, deadlines and more, visit the Chip Shop Awards website.

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Now in their 14th year, The Chip Shop Awards continue to recognise creativity with no limits and no rules. It's an international creative awards, open to anyone with great ideas.

Are you capable of unhindered creative work? What would you do with total free reign of the advertising world? Whether a student, a junior, a freelancer or the top creative director in all the land – you can enter. 

Here is YOUR chance to roam free with our incredibly random and imaginative categories. The categories are altered every year to keep them fresh, funny and feisty.  But make no mistake: this isn’t all knob gags! We live for creativity. Some of our best entries portray a powerful advert that should make the biggest brands sit up and reconsider their advertising agency spend!

We only work with the finest judges. 2016’s panel consist of Arc WW, Sunshine, Mr. President, Innocent Drinks and One Minute Briefs  to name but a few. Top executive creative directors love these awards as they too, enjoy total creative freedom and love to see how deep your imagination can go...

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Entry deadline: 1 April 2016
Awards ceremony: 9 June 2016






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