Unicef uses Twitter to mark World Water Day with interactive #H20Filter push

Unicef France has created a unique interactive Twitter campaign titled #H20Filter to mark World Water Day (23 March).

As part of its wider 'Water Challenges' initiative, the charity wants to raise awareness around the fact that many individuals around the world are unable to access clean water. As such, it's created a Twitter tool which allows individuals to, quite literally, turn the H, 2 and O's in their tweets into real life donations.

The digital-only drive, created by Publicis Conseil invites fans to 'extract' the three characters from their backlog of tweets in order to create 'virtual water molecules' which can then be transformed into a donation to help fund programmes that will improve clean water facilities for communities worldwide.

For example, if the 'extractor' counts 3100 'H', '2', and 'O''s in your tweets to date, it will prompt you and ask you'd like to donate €3.10, or any other amount.

To round off the strategy, the campaign will take to the streets: with JC Deux advertising the promotion on its 52 digital screens along the La Défense esplanade.

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Rebecca Stewart

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