Spotify is bringing its “100% viewability” ads to mobile

Spotify has brought its ‘welcome back’ ads, which greet returning users, to the mobile sphere.

Since the ads are immediately served up to users upon return, Spotify says that they guarantee advertisers “100 per cent viewability.”

The ‘Overlay Mobile’ ads are an extension of Spotify’s ‘Billboard’ desktop ads, which are essentially large display ads that appear in the center of a user’s screen once they return from a period of inactivity.

On mobile, returning users will see a full-screen takeover ad that will remain there until they hit the dismiss button or swipe it away.

The move comes as more and more people use their mobile devices to listen to music. Of the company’s 70 million users, 65 per cent of streams are now on mobile devices, according to Adweek.

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Minda Smiley

Minda Smiley is a reporter at The Drum covering creativity and advertising. Based in Philadelphia, she oversees creativity coverage in North & South America and runs The Drum’s weekly “US Creative Works” roundup. During her time at The Drum, she has covered industry events including SXSW, ANA Masters of Marketing, 4A’s Transformation and C2 Montréal and has interviewed dozens of creatives for The Drum’s “What does it take to be a great creative?” video series.

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