IBM Watson could soon use artificial intelligence to beat you at a game of 'I Spy'

IBM has updated its artificial intelligence (AI) product, IBM Watson, giving it the ability to recognise images.

Watson, which relies on cognitive learning to help it process the world in a human-like manner, can now 'guess' what's happening in images fed to it via URLs.

IBM has created a 'Visual Recognition Demo' to showcase Watson's latest trick, which allows users to feed Watson an image before it tells you what it believes it sees.

For example, supplying Watson with the image of a tiger throws up the result 77 per cent tiger, 26 per cent wild cat and 63 per cent cat.

As well as identifying objects, people or animals in photos, Watson is also fairly adept at guessing what's going on in the background of images such as sunsets and other outdoor scenes.

Watson's talents are seemingly endless – IBM recently teamed up with Hilton Hotels to reveal the world's first concierge robot, Connie, which is powered by the AI technology.

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