Humans strike back: Lee Se-do earns a first Go win against Google's DeepMind AI

Google’s DeepMind AI has finally lost a match of Go against 33-year-old South Korean Lee Se-dol, after defeating him three times on the trot.

AlphaGo, an AI from Google’s DeepMind unit made history when it defeated Se-dol for the third time on Saturday, sparking a major milestone in AI software by showing its ability to adapt to situations emerging during bouts of the game against one of its finest players.

Go is a 4,000 year old game that challenges players with placing black or white stones on a 19-by-19 grid. It throws up a large number of variables for programmers to account for, making it an exceptional test for AlphaGo.

DeepMind founder claimed that the AI made a mistake well into the game.

The match saw the Korean trend on Twitter.

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