Twitter hopes to create waves in mobile gaming, integrating Fabric with Unity development software

Twitter has integrated its Fabric mobile development service with widely used game engine Unity, to embed the social network in the next generation of mobile titles.

The Unity software suite, is one of the most widely used game development kits in the industry. It has now integrated with Twitter’s Fabric, a mobile development kit fabric launched back in October 2014 intent on easing the production of cross-platform smartphone apps on iOS and Android.

With the move, Unity users will receive detailed real-time crash reports from users via its Crashlytics tool, also delivering comprehensive user data.

Additionally, Twitter claims that by embedding games with Fabric, titles are reportedly more likely to gain traction on social media, helping them build audiences and publicity.

Easing this process, players will receive in-game prompts to share their progress, high scores and more. Titles can also be promoted through MoPub Marketplace, a leading real-time bidding exchange for mobile advertising.

The move comes soon after Amazon launched its own game engine Lumberyard, based on Unity rival CryEngine with a new service that integrates with live-streaming site Twitch and the Amazon Web Services cloud for online gaming.

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