Morrisons lodges ASA complaint against Aldi’s ‘anti-Price Crunch’ ad

Morrisons has complained to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) over Aldi’s latest advert claiming to be 30 per cent cheaper than nearest rivals.

It’s the latest in an ongoing spat with supermarkets complaining about each other to the ASA. Just last week, Tesco was forced to withdraw an advert for its Price Match scheme after rival Sainsbury’s claimed it was "misleading" while last year Morrisons – after four complaints to the ASA from Aldi – was forced to alter messaging around its now axed Match and More scheme.

Turning the tables. Morrisons is claiming that Aldi’s latest advert – which aimed to “set the record straight” in wake of Morrisons ‘Price Crunch’ promotion – is unfair given its comparison of Aldi’s own-brand products to those of branded goods in other supermarkets.

An spokesman for the ASA confirmed to The Telegraph that Morrisons, and others, “challenged whether Aldi's comparison of exclusive own brand products with premium branded products during Morrison's 'Price Crunch' is misleading and presents an unfair and unrepresentative price advantage.”

The ASA currently assessing the case before it can launch an investigation.

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