Interactive Reebok billboard rewards fast runners with fresh sneaks

Reebok has utilised smart digital out of home (DOOH) ads and the incentive to win new trainers to get people running in Sweden.

The slot, first spotted by AdWeek, sees shoppers in a Stockholm mall tasked with running fast in front of a new ad.

An on-board speedometer is giving new ZPump 2.0 shoes, which the campaign is promoting, to commuters breaching speeds of 10.5mph.

The campaign was conceived by ad firm Animal.

The ad stunt comes as Reebok globally tries to position itself as the footwear of runners.

Earlier this week it attempted to align itself with Super Tuesday’s primary elections with a pledge that it will donate $50,000 to a health related charity if any of the presidential candidates can complete a one mile run in 10 minutes or less.

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