Portland Timbers supporters fund trip for Columbus fan who flipped off cameras at MLS Cup

It’s not clear if this will become a Portlandia episode, but this is likely something that could be filed under “that’s so Portland.” After the Portland Timbers defeated the Columbus Crew in the MLS Cup championship, the cameras made their way from MLS commissioner to the sad Columbus fans — one of whom decided to give the audience a little “one-finger salute.” The cameras quickly made their way away from the fan, Savannah Bee, but apparently a love affair between Timbers supporters and Bee bloomed.

A GoFundMe page emerged yesterday, with the intention of bringing Bee to Portland for the March 6th season opener between the MLS Cup champions and runners up. The page was started by Nick Brock who is part of the fabled Timbers Army and the team’s supporters trust, the 107IST, with an initial goal of raising $1,500. As of 7am Pacific Time on February 27th, $1,815 had been raised raised — a good amount donated by Timbers fans.

With typical Portland bonhomie, people who donated gave Bee some tips when she does, in fact, visit The Rose City.

As an added bonus, extroverted Timbers owner Merritt Paulson offered up a complementary ticket with one small caveat — that Bee promises to “give me the bird” when she visits. Suffice to say, that likely won’t be a problem — and Bee was clearly overwhelmed by Portland's supporters' attention.

Source: The Oregonian

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