Facebook set to unleash Messenger adverts this spring

Facebook is reportedly set to monetise its Messenger service this spring with an open invite to some of its biggest advertisers to claim a presence on the popular communications app in the second quarter.

Digital news website TechCrunch claims to have obtained a leaked document from a ‘verified source’ pertaining to such a move and says that businesses will soon be able to send adverts to users who have previously voluntarily chatted with them in the past.

In advance of this service Facebook is encouraging those interested to engage with consumers to build their presence and maximise opportunities presented by the new feature, with the social network even preparing a URL short link,, to open just such a chat thread instantaneously.

Whilst refusing to confirm or deny the reports Facebook went out of its way to reassure its 800m Messenger users that they will ‘not experience unwanted messages of any type,’ in an apparent effort to head off the obvious spam potential of such a system.

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