Verizon Ventures stakes $5.5m in marketing tech firm Qualia Media

The investment arm of Verizon Ventures has backed the series B funding of ad tech firm Qualia Media.

Investing alongside S3 Ventures, the companies look to reinforce Qualia’s work in the multiple screen marketing.

Verizon Ventures staked $5.5m in the company.

Mark Smith, executive director at Verizon Ventures, said: “Verizon Ventures looks for passionate, accomplished entrepreneurs whose innovations complement Verizon’s ecosystem of networks, service platforms and distribution channels.

“As they combine with BlueCava, there is no question Qualia is driving solutions to marketers’ greatest challenges - from delivering end-to-end cross-channel functionality, to consumers’ expression of intent, to attribution - all under one roof. We’re delighted to have them in our portfolio and look forward to their continued growth.”

The company is hoping to develop a data driven marketing solution not reliant on cookies or IP targeting and data.

Qualia is headquartered in New York City.

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