Smear campaign for Donald Trump poops up on Instagram

No, the headline is not a typo. And yes, this campaign hammering Republican front-runner, Donald Trump, involves ordure. "Pieces of Shit For Trump" is the brainchild of San Francisco-based barrettSF and is “helping” spread the “love” of the presidential candidate.

Pieces of Shit For Trump is an Instagram-based marketing effort that plants campaign flags in piles of poop around cities and encourages voters to get their hands dirty, as well. The account went live yesterday, just in time for the New Hampshire primary.

“We were concerned that Trump's bedrock support base—piles of excrement—wasn't getting the voice it deserved in this race,” said Phil Fattore, copywriter at BarrettSF. “We've heard from bigots, delusional gun advocates, and xenophobes, but what about the umbrella group under which they all fall? Not a word, until today.”

BarrettSF hopes the effort becomes a nationwide movement. On the website,, fans can get into the action by downloading tiny Trump campaign posters, affix a common household toothpick, and transform any piece of crap into a billboard of sorts that supports the controversial candidate, who intends to “make America great again.”

There is no word from the agency on what, if anything, it may intend to try for Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio or Chris Christie.

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