Social cinema series Shield 5 to debut on Instagram

A new 'social cinema' series is set to debut only on Instagram. Marking the first film premiere for the social platform, Shield 5 will run throughout the month across 28 15-second episodes.

Created and directed by Antony Wilcox, who has worked on movies such as Hot Fuzz, Pearl Harbour and Layer Cake, the unique series centres around a security driver who goes on the run following his involvement in a diamond heist.

​The cast and crew will be interacting with fans in the comments under each episode, speaking to the Evening Standard, Wilcox said the concept was slightly "mischievous" on his part.

“You have to be adaptable in this day and age, and as much as I like to identify romantically with the idea of people watching what I do on the big screen, most people do it on their iPads," he added.

Brands such as Michael Kors have been embracing Instagram's image-focused storytelling approach of late, but the series launch marks the first time a film has been premiered on the app.

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Rebecca Stewart

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