Facebook developing ride-sharing feature that could compete with Uber

Facebook could soon have you covered if you've RSVPd to an party but don't have a ride. The social network is currently working on a carpooling feature to be integrated into its event pages.

In a patent application, which was made public a few days ago, Facebook revealed that it is developing a way to let friends share lifts to and from events.

In theory, the new system would allow attendees to notify others if they are driving to an event and pair them up with guests in need of a ride. Location tracking would be used to discover where guests are and where the event was being hosted.

The new product will include a mapping feature that gives drivers directions and and advises them on the quickest route for them to pick up passengers and reach their destination.

Uber and Facebook joined forces back in December to streamline to process of hailing a cab by allowing users to book through the social network's Messenger app.

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Rebecca Stewart

Rebecca Stewart is a reporter at The Drum. Based in London, she has interviewed key figures from brands like Airbnb, Amnesty International, Facebook and Spotify. She has covered international events in Berlin and Amsterdam, as well as Advertising Week Europe.

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