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Creative Works: Featuring Elmwood, Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam, Bulletproof and more

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Sunshine Gun: Nandos 'New visual identity'

Agency: Sunshine Gun
Client: Nandos
Date: February 2016
Nando’s has announced an exciting global rollout of its new visual identity, which sees inspiration taken from the people, places and trends of South Africa. Featuring heavy influences from ‘new African design’ as well as its own food and people, the updated visual identity results in a refreshing, cutting-edge style, which pays homage to Nando’s heritage throughout.
The new look created by South African based design agency, Sunshine Gun, in collaboration with Nando’s restaurant staff, has been nearly two years in the making. With lengthy processes and pinpoint precision taken on every aspect of the updates, including using local South African artists and designers, the new visual identity creates a fresh, bold, new look for the brand. New introductions include a Pantone colour ‘PERi Red’, a unique new ‘Nando’s Hand’ typeface, bespoke artwork throughout as well as an 87 degree angle tilt in its headlines, a nod to its first restaurant opening in 1987.
Tags: Europe, Nandos

TBWA\Paris: McDonald’s 'American Winter'

Agency: TBWA\Paris
Client: McDonald’s
Date: February 2016
McDonald’s launches a new product range: American Winter, several gourmet recipes which give comfort to support the cold during winter. To announce this launch, TBWA\Paris has done a saga composed of 3 comedies directed by Ben Gregor (Moonwalk production).
Executive Creative Director: Benjamin Marchal
Art Director: Sébastien Skrzypczak
Copywriter: Stéphane Kaczorowski
TV Producer: Benoit Duchemin
Production: Moonwalk Films
Director: Ben Gregor
Food Director: Maud Poilpré
Production: Else
Tags: Europe, McDonalds

White Label UK: Laphroaig 'An Ode Tae Laphroaig'

Agency: White Label UK
Client: Laphroaig
Date: February 2016
Entitled ‘An Ode Tae Laphroaig,’ the film features a poem written and performed by Elvis McGonagall, the award-winning Scottish poet, who is also a stand-up comedian and a poetry slam world champion. The film is part of Laphroaig’s ongoing #OpinionsWelcome global campaign, gathering honest opinions about Laphroaig from friends and foe alike.
Creative Director: Greg Saunders
Strategy Director: Drew Shannon
Account Director: Chris Cassell
Account Manager: Ivana Markotic
Director: Mike Matthews
Producer: Cabell Hopkins
Director of Photography: Dave Miller
Production Company: Fat Lemon Productions
Editing and Grading: tenthree
Sound: Scramble
Tags: Europe, Laphroaig

Mischief PR: Dulux 'Colour of the Year 2016: Cherished Gold'

Agency: Mischief PR
Client: Dulux
Date: February 2016
Dulux has unveiled sporting sensation and Rio hopeful Katarina Johnson-Thompson as the face of its Colour of the Year for 2016, ‘Cherished Gold’. The young athlete, who is fast becoming Britain’s golden girl of sport, stuns in a striking set of images celebrating the most cherished memories of her home life that have made her the competitor she is today. Katarina’s collaboration with Dulux draws upon the brand’s over riding design theme for 2016 – ‘Looking Both Ways’, a theme that encourages us to both appreciate the past and anticipate the future. Looking ahead to the challenges of Rio and beyond, the shoot shows Johnson-Thompson looking back on her experiences and memories of her home and family.
Creative Director: Damon Statt
Art Director: Absynth Photographic
Copywriter: Mischief PR
Photographer: Absynth Photographic
Talent Broker: Mischief PR
PR Production: Mischief PR
Video Creative & Production: Orillo
Tags: Europe, dulux

ArnoldKLP: Reese’s 'SorryNotSorry'

Agency: ArnoldKLP
Client: Reese’s
Date: February 2016
UM London and Arnold KLP have launched The Hershey Company’s first-ever UK-specific digital advertising campaign for its Reese’s confectionary brand. Aimed at millennials, the campaign positions Reese’s – with its ‘slightly wrong but oh-so right’ peanut butter and chocolate flavour combination – as the ultimate indulgence. The campaign, which will run across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube, features videos and images of millennials enjoying Reese’s treats – unapologetically, and in a series of unusual ways. The campaign carries the strapline #Sorrynotsorry.
Creative Director: Jonathan Moore
Board Director & Agency Producer: Melissa Vodegel Matzen
Marketing Director: Habib Azar
Senior Brand Manager, The Hershey Company: Ahmad Nasser
Media Agency: UM London
Production Company: Mad Ruffian
Director: Christopher Watson Wood
Post Production: Mad Ruffian
Original Music: Shoot the Mouse
Photographer: Jon Moore
Tags: Europe, Reese’s

Elmwood: London Beer Lab 'New visual identity'

Agency: Elmwood
Client: London Beer Lab
Date: February 2016
The creative was founded on the recognition that London Beer Lab successfully marries two distinct points of view: craft and curiosity. This unique combination sees the invitation to meddle with malts and consistently discover new things, juxtaposed with world-class expertise that ensures brews are a success. To bring this brand ethos to life on a label, Elmwood split the design space into two conceptual areas. Representing craft with an enlarged logo and key brand messages, the top half of the label stays consistent to ensure a recognisable brand identify regardless of brew. The bottom half represents curiosity and can be adapted for each beer made, including the opportunity to write notes by hand. Elmwood also helped to evolve the existing brand marque, keeping the original flask to represent the handmade element of the product. However, a more modern version was developed to sit alongside two new fonts that look hand-drawn to really drive home the craft message. Undeniably Elmwood’s most innovative part of the design isn’t in the label’s aesthetic, but rather the fact that it is removable. Held to the bottle with only a rubber band, the label can be pulled off to reveal tasting notes and space for consumers to improve the formula on the reverse.
Creative Director: David Jenkinson
Tags: Europe, london beer lab

Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam: Center Parcs 'Become one with your true nature'

Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam
Client: Center Parcs
Date: February 2016
Ogilvy & Mather Amsterdam have teamed up with director Johan Kramer (HALAL) to launch a European campaign for Center Parcs, a brand of nature and leisure parks from The Netherlands. In the campaign we follow the studies of an eloquent, green bird observing visitors during their stay at Center Parcs. “The Sitting Dad” is suddenly moving, “the Flying Mom” is actually flying and a cheeky young cub challenges the pack’s picking order during a family BBQ. In three TV commercials we see different family members reconnecting with their true nature at Center Parcs. This is narrated by ‘Mr. Wings’; an eloquent green bird equipped with binoculars. The character is introduced in a short documentary. He is absolutely fascinated by human behavior and therefore resides at the extraordinary habitat called Center Parcs, where all creatures become one with their true nature.
Chief Creative Officer: Darre van Dijk
Art Director: Jurriaan van Bokhoven
Copywriter: Jesse Ridder
Strategy: Edgar Molenaars, Chantal van Binsbergen
Chief Strategy Director: Annelouk Kriele
Account: Neeltje Prevo, Frouke Vlietstra
Production Company: Halal
Director: Johan Kramer
DOP: Lex Brand
Set Design: Jelier & Schaaf
Costume Design: Franziska Loeding
Editor: Kevin Whelan
Sound: Haaifaai Deluxe
Post: Captcha!, MPC
Client: Andres Neira de Back, Liesbeth Gouda, Judith Franse
Tags: Europe, center parcs

Proximity London: WaterAid 'Hope Locker'

Agency: Proximity London
Client: WaterAid
Date: February 2016
Hope Locker is a compelling new media platform that marries a video display with a coin operated changing room locker to create a micro donation opportunity for charities. You insert your pound to secure your belongings and release the key as per normal, except a video guides your way. When you return to get changed again – instead of simply releasing your coin you’re first asked if you’d like to donate it to charity. But by using the power of context, this ask becomes hyper-relevant and empathetic. Proximity London partnered with WaterAid and targeted the fitness industry. Being a first-world luxury, personal fitness presents a moment of stark contrast with the developing world and the perfect opportunity to create an emotional connection with a donor and a cause. When you return to the locker you are asked if you swallowed any water during your swim. Something we all do our best to avoid. You’re then served a personalised message telling you that in the exact time you were swimming, dirty water killed one child per minute in the developing world. “Your £1 could give a child safe drinking water for 4 months” – and you’re prompted to return your coin, or donate it. For the first time, rather than a charity asking you for money – you have to ask the charity for your money back. Something that is poignantly hard to do when you are caught in a moment so intrinsically linked to a given charitable cause.
Executive Creative Director: John Treacy
Creative Director: Rob Kavanagh
Art Director: Simon Stephenson
Head of Design: Brian Eagle
Technology & Innovation: Gary Jobe, Andy Morris
User Experience: Hannah Locke
Motion Graphics: Gabor Eszenyi
Project Management: Felicity Weller
Client Services: Suzanne Partridge
Technology Partner: MediaMonks
Creative Director: Jon Biggs
Head of Operations/Executive Producer: Wouter Smit
Creative Technologist: Ubi de Feo
Senior Mobile Developer: Stephan Bezoen
Tags: Europe, wateraid

Bulletproof: Maynards Bassetts 'Maynards Bassetts brand identity and packaging design'

Agency: Bulletproof
Client: Maynards Bassetts
Date: February 2016
Much-loved confectionery brands Maynards and Bassetts are joining forces to reinvigorate adult candy with a brand to lead and inspire the category. This master brand revamp, which includes new branding and a total packaging redesign was handled by strategic brand and packaging design agency Bulletproof. Wanting to reinvigorate the brands to allow consumers to bring a sense of lightheartedness silliness, Mondelēz International arrived at the notion of ‘A bit of British Bonkers Inventiveness’ to capture the heritage of the two brands that is supported by the individual, quirky product assets. The redesign includes the introduction of a NPD, Bertie’s Jelly Mix featuring an assortment of jelly sweets in deliciously fruity flavours and iconic shapes. In addition to the NPD, the portfolio of classic British favourites will include Wine Gums – the UK’s number one selling sugar bag – Jelly Babies and Liquorice Allsorts, all containing natural colours. The new packs will be rolled out in February.
Tags: Europe, maynards

Anthem Worldwide: Kit Kat 'Break Off'

Agency: Anthem Worldwide
Client: Kit Kat
Date: February 2016
KitKat is a popular break time snack with more than three-quarters of Brits having eaten a KitKat on their break over the last five years. KitKat has identified the variety of ways that people enjoy the snack, which includes dunking, snapping, nibbling, sharing and stirring. The most popular ways to enjoy a KitKat are by snapping it in half (45 per cent) and chomping off a mouthful (25 per cent). Reality TV star Kourtney Kardashian recently gave her fans a video demonstration of how she eats her KitKat, which she released on her website. To celebrate the variety of ways people enjoy their KitKat, the brand has launched two new products – the KitKat 4 Finger Vanilla for ‘stirrers’, and the KitKat Chunky Extra Chocolate for ‘nibblers’. Its wider marketing campaign – ‘The Break Off’ – will see limited edition packaging on wrappers that highlight the different ways of eating a KitKat, as well as an online advert supported by a social media campaign.
Creative Head: Martin Ward
Account Director: Jinny Truman
Tags: World

Sonda: Elan Skis 'Men all over the world are crying'

Agency: Sonda
Client: Elan Skis
Date: February 2016
​Watch brave male heroes brought to tears. What has broken these men? They are madly and hopelessly in love with something so perfect that they want it, but, alas, it was never meant to be theirs: The Elan Delight - the lightest ski in the world. Designed for women, wanted by all…
Creative Director: Jelena Fiskus, Sean Poropat
Editing: Eugen Slavik
Camera: Jure Niedorfer
3D Editing: Andraž Kožar
Audio Recording: Chris Wherry
Audio Post Production: Aleks Poropat
Music: Bononiasound
Make Up: Sanja Rivic, Anita Mušič
Studio: Sonata Photographica
Tags: Europe

Discovery Creative: TLC UK 'TLC CakeOber'

Agency: Discovery Creative
Client: TLC UK
Date: February 2016
To celebrate the launch of Cake Boss Series 8, TLC UK & Ireland is launching a TLC CakeOver, where deliciously sweet images will take over the TLC bumpers, menus etc. The CakeOver will launch on Tuesday 2 February with bumpers that count down from three days before the premiere on Friday 5 February on TLC at 9pm.
Creative Manager: Kip Katesmark
Director: Helen Ewer
Designer: Grace Houldsworth
Producer: Katie Ryde
Tags: World

Appartment 103: YSL 'Yves St Laurent’s Christmas gift box'

Agency: Appartment 103
Client: YSL
Date: February 2016
Appartement 103’s creative team went deep into the Haute Couture codes to capture YSL’s brand essence, developing a clean design with playful use of textures, making the tactile experience the forefront of the presentation. Inspired by Yves Saint Laurent’s early days and his signature creation with the bow-tie, we reinterpreted and revamped the concept in this special edition in order to add a final touch of elegance to the wrapping and gifting experience, while making a tribute to its founder. The clear structure of the box highlights the Black Opium glittery texture as well as the Opium vibrant glossy red. As an invitation to immerse consumers into celebrating a glamorous Christmas, the gift boxes are signed with the iconic embossed metallic Cassandre. On the other hand, the male product is accentuated with a mat black effect on the slightly embossed diamond-like pattern, while the leather ribbon was given a more masculine appearance by replacing the bow with a metal piece, resembling the iconic La Nuit de l’Homme perfume’s bottle cap. More than creating an impactful offer, we wanted to offer the consumer with a desirable experience by capturing the art of gifting from YSL.
Creative Director: Marc Savary
Creative Director: Julien Zylbermann
Tags: Europe, YSL


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