B2B Marketers Urged to Refresh Email Newsletter Tactics

With the recent reinforcement that email newsletters remain an effective B2B marketing campaign, the key to a successful B2B email marketing strategy is to streamline and refresh content, while also taking more of an interactive role in good content that includes your refreshed, thought leadership. A good email marketing campaign should be audience focused and to the point.

A report by the Canadian-based knowledge marketing agency BrainTrust outlines strategies for B2B marketers that include choosing content that better meets your objectives. In other words, when creating an email newsletter, the contents objective needs to be clearer - whether that is generating leads or bringing more awareness to the product or service. In most cases, while the content remains objective, focusing on what your audience wants to know is the only way to engage the reader. In essence, the story should be far less about your company and far more focused on what the audience wants to know.

In order to maximize your click-through rate, the newsletter should ideally have 21 or more links, the report notes. By increasing a range of relevant choices, your prospect should respond favorably to a range of relevant content choices.

Using analytics to determine the most popular content is a relatively easy task and by identifying the most popular or most shared lists to the new content is a good strategy, the report states. Additionally, your newsletter should not be confined to simply commenting and reiterating what is said in third party content. Subject matter should be more than just a set of published white papers. Engaging with thought leaders who are writing about trends, issues and ideas in your area of expertise brings relevance to your newsletter and email marketing campaign.

Planning and execution need to improve, and the report recommends taking time to develop content. The report suggests using a content development workshop to discuss customer needs, and trim down lengthy whitepapers, stream line content so it is more customer focused. Bringing in more effective marketing formats to newsletter and email marketing is a huge step in the right direction.

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