Tinder launches STD testing feature following AIDs Health Foundation billboard dispute

Tinder has added a 'Health and Safety' section to its app and website users to use contraception and seek out STD testing facilities.

The new page links through to a free HIV and STD testing site locator developed by Healthvana.

The move ends a dispute between the dating app and the AIDs Health Foundation (AHF) regarding billboards which popped up in New York and LA appearing to blame the startup for the rise in STDs in the US.

Depicting male and female silhouettes labeled with words like 'Chlamydia' and 'Gonorrhea' interacting with silhouettes featuring Tinder and Grindr's logos, the campaign called on users to get tested for STDs.

Tinder took exception to the OOH drive and claimed in a cease and desist letter in late 2015 that AHF had "falsely associated Tinder with the contraction of veneral disease."

Now that Tinder has implemented the STD testing locator, the group said it will remove the posters.

The foundation said it ran the campaign based on a report which outlined the dramatic rise in STDs in 2014 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

While Tinder declined to comment on the cease and desist letter, it issued a statement which said: "An important aspect of any healthy relationship - whether formed on Tinder or otherwise - is ensuring sexual health and safety.

"While the CDC, who conducted the largest and most credible study on the topic, has never identified any connection that supports the idea that Tinder usage correlates with, let alone causes, an increase in STDs, we’re of course in favor of organizations that provide public education resources on the topic."

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