Google patents an email scanning tool that helps write trending social media posts

A new patent from Google could allow the tech giant to pen posts for social media users looking to engage with the latest trends online.

Google wants to capitalise on its email data and "encourage conversations" on social platforms via a suggestion system which would recommend how best to share links received via email.

If the new feature comes into play Google would identify the content of emails and propose different topics the user could share a post around.

For example, if a user was to receive an email containing the link to a new book then a pop up window would appear with suggested posts such as "[Author] is my favourite writer", displaying any hashtags related to the product in question.

Many users share links or start a conversation through emails,” the company said in the patent application. “However, email is not an optimal mechanism for sharing links or for engaging in a conversation.”

This new idea follows Google's recent U-turn on a policy which required people using Gmail to register for an account on its troubled social network Google+.

Driving conversation through email may generate more interaction on the platform, which was redesigned in November last year with the aim of putting communities and collections front and centre."

Brands using sponsored hashtags could benefit if the new feature were to encompass Twitter, as users would be encouraged to post content using the top trends.

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