Messaging app WeChat used by judges in China to conduct a trial

Messaging apps born out of the APAC region, such as WeChat and Line, are well known for being ahead of the likes of WhatsApp for integrating services, like booking taxis directly from the app.

In China this has now been taken to the next level, with judges using WeChat to conduct trials.

Last month a judge used WeChat’s messaging and photo-sharing features to conduct a trial because it was easier than having the defendant appear in court.

A spokesperson for the trial, which took place in eastern China’s Henan province, said the decision was made to save time and because the messaging service provided more “flexibility and convenience”.

According to a report by TechinAsia, Chinese courts are very document-heavy, so it’s less of a surprise that a messaging app could be used for this purpose.

The report points out that video testimonies have been used in other countries but this court didn’t choose to use the WeChat video function.

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