Arsene Wenger warns social media poses a problem for modern day football

Social media has an array of merits for football clubs and is increasingly becoming the main platform from which to communicate with fans, however Arsene Wenger has warned that it is quickly becoming a growing problem in modern football.

arsene wenger

The Arsenal manager has spoken out against the growth of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook which he says are helping to fuel aggressive fan behaviour towards the club.

Wenger brought up the issue when he was asked what he made of the growth of social media after Arsenal were named the Premier League's most selfie-loving team.

"It might be one of the problems that football has to face in the coming years. You see it in many countries now, more and more," Wenger said.

The 66 year-old’s perception of social media is likely to be somewhat tremulous given the level of criticism he has received via social media. This has often been intensified by television personality, Piers Morgan, who regularly criticises Wenger on Twitter with the hashtag #WengerOut.

Wenger said that part of the problem was that polarising opinions can too easily be strengthened on social media.

“Before your opinion was a bit more isolated. Today straight away it becomes a stream of people who think the same way and they become a force. Maybe that's the reason, I don't know."

His comments come as Arsenal prepare to take on Stoke on Sunday in a fixture which has previously thrown up problems of abuse for his team. Last season his squad were booed and jeered at a train station following their 3-2 defeat to the Stoke.

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