Microsoft reportedly in $2bn InMobi purchase talks

Microsoft is in negotiations to buy mobile ad network InMobi in a deal reportedly worth $2bn, according to reports, after the latter of the pair held simlar talks with both Google and Yahoo last year.

Reports initially emerged in InMobi's native India, dating back to 14 January, and Microsoft has declined the opportunity to make a public comment on the reports, which cited multipled sources from within the mobile ad network.

However, a subsequent report on authoritative financial newswire service Seeking Alpha pegged the deal at $2bn, claiming "an announcement could come shortly", although this report did not cite any sources.

Microsoft investing such a sum in InMobi, a privately held company with over $200m worth of funding from multiple parties including Japanese mobile operator SoftBank, would appear a contradiction from Microsoft's moves made over the last 12 months, given that deals with both ad tech outfit AppNexus and AOL would suggest it is looking to minimise interests in the online advertising sector.

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Ronan Shields

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