Morrisons pilots new ‘tree’-style logo across six stores

Morrisons has rolled out a new-look logo across six locations around the north of England as part of a pilot project to test the water on a radical new branding.

The ‘tree’ motif depicts golden leaves sprouting from the letter I of the word Morrisons with the date the company was established added to the mix to highlight its vintage.

Customer feedback, which Morrisons states has been ‘fairly positive’ thus far, will be gauged before a decision is taken as to rolling out the new look nationally as part of a major rebranding exercise.

A spokesperson for the chain said: “It's only been trailed at one big store, then at a few smaller ones. We trial many different things in store all the time and this is just one of them.

"We wouldn't comment further until the trial was over.”

There are currently no plans to extend the roll-out beyond the limited trial area.

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