Want that window seat? Seateroo app opens up air travel ticket exchange

A new app is hoping to take a slice of a new market allowing air travellers to buy and sell their space on commercial airplanes.

With the app economy becoming saturated to the extent that almost anything imaginable is now a sellable commodity, Seateroo is hoping to free up desirable air tickets for sale - with a mark-up.

A statement from the app’s producer claims that the service will accommodate two types of travellers, those who want to upgrade their seats and those who want to downgrade.

Brad Pursel, founder and president of Seateroo, said: “Apps have greatly enhanced the travel experience for many.

“On almost any flight, there are going to be both people who wish they had a better seat as well as others who would like to save money on travel."

The app is the latest interpretation of the economy market first established by the likes of Uber and Airbnb.

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