Intel, Samsung and LG emerge as most talked about brands from CES 2016

CES 2016 has unsurprisingly generated a wealth of discussion on the most exciting emerging technologies and much of that has centred around Intel, Samsung and LG who have been the most talked about brands according to a social media analysis by Hotwire.

The London-based PR firm looked at tweets in association with the hashtag #CES2016 to compile a list of the top 10 most talked about brands as well as the top 8 trends from the consumer electronics show.

Intel's success at this year's CES comes as a result of the popularity of drones with 4k video-recording capabilities. The technology company partnered with Yuneec to put its RealSense technology on the new Typhoon H drone, making a major leap forward in addressing safety concerns with drones. It also showed off ski goggles with built in GPS technology.

Samsung, which came out in front last year, was the second most talked about brand this year thanks to its SUHD television lineup which has smart home elements from Samsung’s SmartThings platform. The brand's smart refrigerator was also a huge hit with the audience. It has three built-in cameras which can take a photo of the inside of the refrigerator each time the door is closed so consumers can always see what they have wherever they go, via their smartphone.

LG generated the third highest levels of discussion from the show in which it unveiled its new signature OLED TV and a 18-inch TV which rolls up like a piece of paper.

Hotwire's head of engagement, John Brown said "big brands such as Samsung, Intel and Casio have shown that consumers can have it all quite literally at their fingertips. Furthermore, with exponential growth in the buzz around the connected car and virtual reality, it would certainly seem 2016 will be all about how technology will enhance our everyday experiences ."

The trends analysis showed that the top trends at the show were smartwatches, connected cars and virtual reality. Below is the list of top ten most talked about brands from the show.

1. Intel – 23,954 tweets

2. Samsung – 17,255 tweets

3. LG – 13,510 tweets

4. Oculus - 8,088 tweets

5. Sony – 7,229

6. BMW – 5,198

7. Audi – 3,605

8. Ford – 2,778

9. Chevrolet – 2,257

10. Panasonic – 2,784 tweets

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