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Creative Works: Featuring Forsman & Bodenfors, Ogilvy Paris, RKCR/Y&R and more

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Harding Design : Artiq 'Rebrand'

Agency: Harding Design
Client: Artiq
Date: December 2015
Harding Design has re-branded leading art consultancy ‘Works in Print’ as ARTIQ, via a scope of works covering name generation and identity design, as well as printed collateral ranging from business cards, letterhead and compliment slips to marketing items such as case studies and presentation templates; digital media including a new website, event banners and email signatures and staff uniforms and vehicle livery for when ARTIQ’s technicians are on site, installing new artworks for the consultancy’s workplace, hospitality and private residential clients. Harding Design was appointed to the project after winning a four-way credentials pitch in July, impressing the consultancy’s interview panel with its strategic approach to the business and art market and the high-end quality of its design work.
Creative Director: Lee Harding 
Tags: UK

AMV BBDO: Think! '#butalive'

Agency: AMV BBDO
Client: Think!
Date: December 2015
Despite drink driving being widely unacceptable, new research from THINK! shows that a shocking one in five among men aged 18-34 (19 per cent) would consider having two or more drinks before they get behind the wheel. Consumer research showed that while people knew they probably shouldn’t be drinking these amounts, when in the moment of decision they often convinced themselves they would be ‘alright’ to drink more, despite putting themselves and others at risk. To change this behaviour, we needed to make drivers understand that every drink has an effect, so that when the moment of decision arises they would make the right choice. To make the target audience of young men sit up and take notice, AMV BBDO and THINK! developed a humorous campaign built around situations where wanting to be polite might lead you to accept a drink. By juxtaposing this with the danger that comes with that extra drink, we made the decision not to drink and drive a no brainer. Conceived by ECDs Alex Grieve and Adrian Rossi, the campaign tells fables of people who’ve made the right decision, and the consequences they’ve accepted because of it, across TV, radio, digital, pub media, and social channels.
Creative Director: Adrian Rossi
Creative Director: Alex Grieve
Creative Director: Martin Loraine
Art Director: Jeremy Tribe
Art Director: Jay Phillips
Copywriter: Prabhu Wignarajah
Copywriter: Neil Clarke
Creative Director: Steve Jones 
Agency Producer: Matt Towell 
Strategists: Tom White, Pippa Morris
Account Team: Katie Stanley, Ben Griffiths, Anna Covell, Georgia Totvanian 
Project Manager: Sabrina Goreeba 
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Guy Shelmerdine
Production Company Producer: Jason Scanlon
Editor: Tim Hardy – Stitch
Post Production: The Mill
Sound: Sam Ashwell – 750mph
Tags: UK

Forsman & Bodenfors: Volvo 'Look who’s driving'

Agency: Forsman & Bodenfors
Client: Volvo
Date: December 2015
Once again Volvo Trucks is pushing the boundaries of what is humanly possible – or at least possible with a truck. In the most recent Live Test, “Look who’s driving”, four-year-old Sophie drives an 18 tonne Volvo FMX through a construction area using a remote control. Sophie puts the truck through some serious manoeuvres, including driving through a thick brick wall and climbing a steep, soft slope, before rolling all the way down in a full 360-degree turn.
Art Director: Sophia Lindholm
Art Director: Kim Cramer
Art Director: Anders Eklind
Copywriter: Bjorn Engstrom
Photographer: Robin Aron Olsson
Writer: Douglas Reid
Designer: Jerry Wass
Senior Account Director: Olle Victorin
Account Director: Anneli Kjellander, Britta Malmberg
Agency Producer, Film: Alexander Blidner
Agency Producer, Digital: Peter Gaudiano
Producer: Sophie Tamm Christensen
Executive Producer: Erik Torrell
Post Production: Swiss
Media Agency: BeOn
Director: Megaforce, Charles Brisgand, Leo Berne
Music: Cobrastyle, Teddybears
Editor: Nicolas Lorrouquere
Sound: Kouz Production
Tags: Europe

McCann London: Bisto 'Spare Chair'

Agency: McCann London
Client: Bisto
Date: December 2015
Bisto has launched a new TV ad showing a real family inviting an elderly neighbour over for Sunday lunch as part of the brand’s Spare Chair Sunday campaign. The TV ad, created by McCann London, shows The Handfield-Walker family from Ilkey hosting Connie, a 93-year-old lady who currently lives on her own and doesn’t often get to enjoy a roast on Sunday with the company of others. Bisto and McCann were there to document the heart-warming occasion.
Chief Creative Officer: Laurence Thomson
Creative: Lianne Galazka
Creative: Imogen Jones
Creative: James Rooke
Business Director: Georgie Rechner
Account Director: Kate Douglas
Account Manager: Christos Cardovillis
Planner: Thomas Keane
Agency Producer: Claire Hopkins
Director/Production Company: Eivind Holmboe/Fish Films
Producer: David De La Flor
Tags: UK

Southpaw: 3 Ginger Monkeys 'Branding '

Agency: Southpaw
Client: 3 Ginger Monkeys
Date: December 2015
Southpaw are proud to announce the launch of 3 Ginger Monkeys, a new beer that has been brewed, branded and brought to market by the agency, as one of the first entrepreneurial projects to come out of their start up platform, Southpaw Hatch. The innovative beer was first conceived following an internal competition for teams to create a new and interesting beer with home brew kits, whilst gaining first-hand experience of what challenges their clients face when bringing a new product to market. Each team had a month to create, brand and bottle their beer and pitch the final product for the chance to win the opportunity for the beer to be brewed by a local brewery. 3 Ginger Monkeys won the competition based on their innovative branding and unique flavourings and is now being sold in bars and pubs in Kent.
Creative Director: Sophie Raubenheimer
Creative Artworker: Adam Cook
Photographer: Kamran Akram
Senior Account Manager: Katie Salt
Senior Marketing Manager: Claire Ashdown
Tags: UK

Ogilvy Group: Lenovo 'The Screen Jacket'

Agency: Ogilvy Group
Client: Lenovo
Date: December 2015
What good is a light-weight, sleek, tablet with an integrated projector that you can have on you to project whenever and wherever you want, if you don't have a screen or a white wall handy to project on to? So, to fully benefit from the new Lenovo tablet and project wherever you are,Ogilvy Paris went to work creating an entirely new accessory -- not a campaign-- but a functional, solution-oriented accessory to compliment the Lenovo tablet. Fondly coined the Screen Jacket, the Agency worked with Parisian fashion designers to create tailored streetwear jackets that when turned inside out, transform into a screen so you can project anywhere you want to.
Executive Creative Director: Baptiste Clinet
Creative Director: Paul Kreitmann
Art Director: Clara Noguier
Copywriter: Olivier Le Lostec
Photographer: Elise Gerosa
Head of Integrated Production: Antoine Bagot
Integrated Producer: Marine Redon
Strategic Planner: Ivan Pejcic
Account Director: Augustin NeuveEglise
Account Manager: Kevin Donati
Production House: Pavillon Noir
Producer: Ghislain de La Chaise
Production Director: Alliocha Madeuf
Director: Paul Lombard, David Hugonot
Tags: Europe

RKCR/Y&R: Baxters 'Big on Flavour'

Agency: RKCR/Y&R
Client: Baxters
Date: December 2015
Baxters has launched a new campaign celebrating the big and bold flavours of its food range. The print and TV work is set in a quirky, offbeat world and introduces the audience to the outstanding flavours of Baxters, by showing two woman dwarfed by beautifully shot ingredients. The work is the first by RKCR/Y&R for Baxters since the agency picked up the business in October and introduces the new food world of Baxters and their charming characters. The three print ads feature women who appear miniscule as they walk through a backdrop of giant flavours. The TV ads feature the same two women interacting with the other flavours in Baxters Soup range, Mushroom Velouté, Crab Bisque and Tomato, Chorizo and Mixed Bean. The ads are a new style for Baxters and reinvent them as a modern British brand.
Chairman: Mark Roalfe
Global Marketing Director: Jaspal Chada
Tags: UK

Mynt Design: Polar 'Discover Your Firsts'

Agency: Mynt Design
Client: Polar
Date: November 2015
Life is made for firsts. Polar, the innovative originators of heart rate monitors & activity trackers, appointed Mynt Design in 2015 as their lead global agency. Our challenge is to unearth Polar's true meaning and express this across all ATL and BTL communications to distinguish their brand message within the category. This video is the first in a series of brand campaigns which will be aired online and on TV, confidently communicating Polar as pioneers of the category whilst celebrating its heritage and future ambitions.
Creative Director: Andrew Patterson
Art Director: Scott Dillon
Creative Director: Bill Warren 
Additional credits: Ollie Patterson, Rebecca Anstee, James Fox, Matt Crowe, Emily Spikings
Tags: UK


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