Boston Globe journalists deliver paper themselves amid delivery woes

Boston Globe journalists have been delivering the Sunday edition by hand today as they try to combat a delivery crisis that has left readers in the city without their daily paper.

Reporters and editors are pitching in with doorstep deliveries after being inundated with complaints this week from subscribers who have not received their copies since the Globe switched delivery companies.

"Over this last week, The Boston Globe has received thousands of calls from customers reporting they had not received their daily newspaper as the Globe transitions its home delivery service to a new distribution partner," said Peter Doucette, its vice president of consumer sales and marketing.

He added that to "mitigate these short term delivery issues ... more than two hundred Boston Globe journalists, business and operations staff, from general reporters in the newsroom up to the highest levels of leadership, are volunteering their time this holiday weekend to to help deliver tomorrow's Boston Globe or assist fielding calls from readers".

Among those helping out are managing editor and vice president, digital, David Stok, who shared this picture of colleagues preparing for a delivery run.

Staff were encouraged to take on the unorthodox paper round in an email from Scott Steeves, president of the Boston Newspaper Guild, who described the situation as "crisis mode". Writing on Saturday, he said volunteers would "get a route with a list of households with delivery instructions" and urged them to bring "a flashlight and a GPS". Tweets from the paper's editorial team in the early hours of this morning suggest plenty of journalists were determined to get their stories into readers' hands.

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