How Eyeview is helping marketers with all facets of programmatic TV

When it comes to video advertising, programmatic means more personalization. The addressable pool continues to expand, and marketers are seeking easy ways to capitalize.

One company helping marketers do this is Eyeview. The New York City-based company works with major CPG and auto brands, enabling them to create multiple iterations of ad creative (showing a red vs. black car, for example) for programmatic buying. The company’s VideoIQ® platform leverages consumer, brand and retail data to programmatically deliver 1-to-1 personalized video.

In October, Eyeview took a big step toward making the buying easier for its clients, partnering with WideOrbit, the leading programmatic SSP in the TV space. Client using the Eyeview platform can purchase ads from stations that reach 115 U.S. media markets, including 18 of the top 25.

"Television audiences remain a tremendous revenue opportunity, with adults of all ages spending more time with TV than any other platform. It continues to be the unchallenged best source of premium video content and audience engagement," said Oren Harnevo, CEO and Co-Founder of Eyeview. "With WideOrbit, Eyeview's programmatic offering is the next iteration of TV advertising, allowing advertisers to move beyond brand awareness to target audiences with personalized video content at scale. Our technology combined with WideOrbit's reach will be very attractive to advertisers because it brings ROI and performance measurement to their TV campaigns."

For more on Eyeview, and its partnership with WideOrbit, we spoke with Harnevo:

Found Remote: How does Eyeview enable personalized video ad targeting and how important will this become to brands in the next few years?

Oren Harnevo: This is and will continue to be very important for brands because with Eyeview, advertisers can hold their video campaigns accountable for actual performance and ROI – both on digital and TV.

Everything begins with data. Eyeview partners with a slew of third party data providers to understand the audiences that matter to our brand advertisers—based on previous purchase history, where they are in the purchase cycle, behaviors, preferences and more. This allows us to create solutions that work well for the specific brand – whether they are a car company, a CPG brand or a retailer. Our team of experts and our VideoIQ Platform then enable us to combine programmatic media and programmatic creative to deliver the best results, such as website visitation, lead generation or sales.

FR: Why did it make sense for Eyeview to partner with WideOrbit to enable programmatic buying through the Eyeview platform?

Harnevo: Our commitment to driving ROI extends to TV. The partnership with WideOrbit was a natural progression for us. We’re seeing more and more TV inventory opening up on a programmatic and addressable level, and the trend will only continue. We’ve found that advertisers are seeing more bang for their buck with these solutions, and a lot less waste than traditional TV.

WideOrbit in particular has great scale and we can now use our DSP to connect advertisers with specific TV audience segments—using the same 1:1 technology our clients have grown accustomed to.

FR: How will this partnership allow Eyeview customers to better optimize their campaigns?

Harnevo: It’s going to drive great ROI for our customers. A lot of marketers are realizing that much of their TV budgets are wasted on viewers who would never make a purchase or aren’t interested in a product. It’s no secret that TV is far behind digital when it comes to targeting. However, the developments being made with programmatic and addressable TV are set to deliver on the promise of TV advertising becoming personalized. This partnership will finally allow our customers to make TV campaigns targeted and measurable.

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