Sling TV launches its first national TV campaign, and it’s fantastic

Sling TV yesterday launched its first national TV campaign with the tagline and hashtag #TakeBackTV. In the campaign Sling TV, which, with a robust channel lineup is intended to replace cable subscriptions, highlights the schoolyard bullying tactics utilized by traditional cable providers.

"Millennials have polarizing feelings about TV; they love the content, but hate the pay-TV model,” said Glenn Eisen, Chief Marketing Officer of Sling TV. “The #TakeBackTV campaign introduces Sling TV as a new model and solution for the millennial audience. It directly mirrors their sentiment toward the pain points that accompany traditional pay-TV, in an exaggerated, humorous and fun way.”

San Francisco-based agency Camp + King is responsible for the strategy, creative and content for the campaign. Below, the first three spots, “Old TV Model,” “Customer Service” and “Useless Channels.”

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Adam Flomenbaum

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