Airbnb ‘Is Mankind?’ parody replaces baby with creepy old man

Digital studio Portal A parodied Airbnb’s recently launched ‘Is Mankind?’ spot with a video spoof that highlights mankind’s creepiness instead of kindness.

It makes fun of Airbnb’s ad that many viewers have said makes them feel uncomfortable as the company tries to convince people to stay in a stranger’s home with lines like “Sleep in their beds, so you may know their dreams.”

So instead of featuring an adorable baby clad in a white onesie as he walks towards a window-paned door, Portal A’s film features an old man stumbling towards a door wearing only tighty whities.

As he smokes a cigarette and stares at the window, a female voiceover asks “Is man kind? Are we good? No. We are…creepy. Like this man.”

“He found your panties and tried them on. He watched porn in your kitchen. And that rash he has, you’ll have it by next week,” she continues.

Instead of ending with Airbnb’s ‘Belong Anywhere’ tagline, this one ends with ‘It’s His House Now.’

Portal A is a 25-person studio based in San Francisco and LA that creates branded and original content for the web. The studio has worked with brands including YouTube, Banana Republic, and Uber.

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Minda Smiley

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