The BET Awards continues to make its mark on social TV

In this week's social TV review from Canvs, the BET Awards proved itself a perennial social TV powerhouse. The show managed to inspire 1.8 million reactions on Twitter (good for 51 percent of this week's total reactions).

Also capturing the attention - and emotions - of tweeters this week were women's sports. This was thanks to the U.S. Women's Soccer team advancing to and winning the World Cup and Serena Williams powering her way through Wimbledon.

Below, additional insights from Canvs, followed by an infographic:

  • Hannibal fans are turning to Twitter in an organized way, attempting to find a new life for the canceled NBC drama. The #LoyalFannibalhashtag appeared in 61 percent of all reactions to the show.
  • Teen Wolf gave PLL a run for its money this week. The Monday Teen Wolf premiere garnered 3 times the emotional reactions of the ABC Family mainstay. PLL scared fans more, however. Nearly 9,500 reactions were afraid of some aspect of PLL while only about 7,400 reactions expressed the same toward Teen Wolf.
  • The most emotional moment of the week involved Rihanna caught singing along to a Chris Brown performance from the audience of the BET Awards. In the five minutes surrounding the incident, there were nearly 52,000 reactions: 30 percent loved Rihanna's singalong and 13 percent found it funny.

Reaction Source: Canvs. Canvs analyzes Tweets about TV (as captured by Nielsen), identifies Tweets containing emotions, and arranges them into themes called reactions.

Tweet Source: Nielsen. Relevant Tweets captured from three hours before, during, and three hours after an episode's initial broadcast, local time.

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