Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg gears up for rise of ‘telepathic’ messaging

Facebook chairman Mark Zuckerberg has been peering into his crystal ball to predict that the rise of telepathic messaging, once limited to charlatan mediums, could soon be within the reach of all courtesy of virtual reality.

Gazing into the future Zuckerberg predicts that ‘telepathic’ messaging will become the primary means of communication between people inhabiting virtual environments, an area of key personal interest to the billionaire as he prepares to launch Oculus Rift.

Describing VR as the ‘next major computing and communication platform’ after smartphones Zuckerberg said: “One day, I believe we’ll be able to send full rich thoughts to each other directly using technology. You’ll be able to think of something and your friends will immediately be able to experience it too.”

In practice Zuckerberg envisages a world in which everyone wears special glasses through which the wearers can share ‘immersive experiences.’

For the time being however the technology to realise these dreams remains very much speculative, although a recent Harvard University experiment saw a person in the US communicate the word ‘ciao’ to a participant in France by replicating electrical activity within their brain at the time of conceiving the word using magnetic pulses.

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