Depaul shows there is ‘another side’ to homelessness with clever outdoor poster campaign

Homlessness charity Depaul has launched a new outdoor campaign which delivers varying messages about living on the streets to viewers depending on their positioning near the posters.

The messages encapsulate two walls across a right angle. When one side is viewed stereotypes and negative perceptions of the homeless arise, but when both walls are visible are more complex picture arises. Quite literally, “there is another side to the story”.

The campaign, created by Publicis London, aims to increase the number of Nightstop volunteers by challenging perceptions around homelessness and volunteering.

Martin Houghton-Brown, chief executive of Depaul UK, said: “Nightstop volunteers are ordinary people helping those with nowhere to stay the night.

“More young people than ever are sleeping in unsafe places and we have seen demand for our emergency accommodation services soar over 300 per cent in London last year. We need more volunteers to come forward so we don’t turn people away. That is why we are launching the Street Corners campaign.”

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