Big Mac or big mistake? McDonald’s launches bizarre Big Mac fashion line

Fast food chain McDonald’s has entered the fashion industry with a range of Big Mac inspired clothing and home decoration items.

For those who don’t just enjoy eating burgers, but wearing them, or having them draping the walls and windows of their homes, an official McDonald’s site is selling some fine wares.

Below are the Big Mac Thermals, as they are described on the site: “Now you can stretch, run and ski together with the hamburger of hamburgers. Order your limited edition thermals today and enjoy.”

Big Mac – Bedding: “Finally the hamburger of hamburgers can keep you warm at night. Order your new bed linen today.”

Big Mac – Wallpaper: "Now you can make your walls good enough to eat. Order your Big Mac wallpaper today and enjoy!”

Of course, if that was not enough for you, there is more to come from the Big Mac store.

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