Jamie Oliver website infected by virus for a second time

The website of celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has been hacked for a second time.

Security researchers have found "malicious code" on the site just a month after it was first found to be harbouring a virus.

Malware from the site could have put anyone using a vulnerable browser at risk of exposing logins, passwords and other data, it has been reported.

Maarten van Dantzig from Fox-IT told the BBC that anyone visiting the site using an Internet Explorer browser that did not have up-to-date plug-ins for Java and Flash would be infected.

A spokesperson for Jamie Oliver confirmed the attack but said the site had been cleaned up and it was now safe to visit.

JamieOliver.com was first hit by hackers in mid-February but administrators said they cleared the breach quickly. The site is visited by about 10 million people a month.

Cameron Clarke

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