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Dyson returns advertising to Gawker after pulling out during Gamergate controversy

Dyson is returning its advertising to Gawker Media sites after withdrawing its spend in November amid the 'Gamergate' controversy.

Gawker's Gamasutra was one of the main sites at the centre of Gamergate, which started when the the ex-boyfriend of game developer Zoe Quinn accused her of receiving favourable reviews because of a romantic relationship with journalist Nathan Grayson.

Vacuum and appliances firm Dyson pulled its ads last month, saying it would review its media partners for "relevance as well as appropriateness".

But the Telegraph has now revealed that the decision has been reversed and quotes a spokesperson as saying: "I can confirm that we have reinstated our media spend with Gawker."

Last month Intel reinstated its ads on Gamasutra after pulling them during the Gamergate furore.

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