YouTube details copyright restrictions based on audio usage

YouTube has published a breakdown of the copyright restrictions imposed on video creators by their use of specific tracks, enabling them to preview any restrictions before publication.

The measure resolves an irritation for many content creators who were left in the dark as to how their choice of music would affect their video’s status when uploaded.

YouTube utilises its ContentID system to automatically scan all videos for copyright infringing music, when such content is found it is flagged up and may be removed if the offending track is not muted. A profit share scheme also enables the rights holder to claim a cut from any online advertising generated by the clip.

New Audio Library features outline which of these attributes are associated with each track in all global markets with separate listings of tunes in ‘free’ and ‘ad supported’ catalogues.

Nevertheless YouTube is at pains to point out that ‘Copyright owners can change their policies or take action on your video that differs from what's described here’ in a disclaimer.

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