Brands look to sparkle on Guy Fawkes night - featuring Weetabix, Paddy Power and Guinness

Starbuck's entry into the bonfire night Twittersphere

Happy 5th of November. Bonfire night is finally here but it would not be a semi-important calendar event without brands jumping on the bandwagon on their social channels.

Here are some of the many wide and wonderful Twitter entries from some of the UK's most recognisable brands.

First up is Weetabix's breakfast fireworks display.

This is followed by Jamie Oliver's wholesome recipes - which will make you want to stay in, away from the cold.

As usual, Paddy Power provides its followers with some stellar safety tips.

Guinness believes it's the simplest ideas that sparkle. Drinking while using fireworks however is not a 'sparkling' idea contrary to Paddy Power's advice above.

Swarvoski believes an evening of explosions is the perfect time to pitch its sparkling bracelets.

Iconic guitar brand Stratocaster warns its followers of a highly unlikely disaster - the destuction of a vintage shredder through the use of an explosive.

Android warns its users to stay safe in a move which is very considerate of Google's operating system.

LG shows the imminent destruction of an undeserving woodland creature trying to prove some macabre point.

And Starbucks UK posts a picture likely to get anyone in the mood for a hot drink.

Innocent Drinks pitches in with a pun. Happy Guy Forks Day!

And finally, Betfair Poker makes a good point. Why ever leave the house when you have YouTube?

Tweet any bonfire night brand messages we might have missed @TheDrum on Twitter. And stay safe tonight.

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