Mercedes Benz offers free spin in an electric car to anyone who sends a ‘Yo’

Mercedes Benz has hit on a novel way to stimulate interest in its range of smart electric cars, by offering a free ride in one to anyone who sends them a ‘Yo’ using the simple app.

From noon today in San Francisco pop-up signs will appear in the city’s Mission and SoMa districts inviting passersby to send out a ‘Yo’ to ‘smartUSA’. Anyone who does so will be invited for a spin on the spot to wherever they wish to travel (within city limits).

Mercedes-Benz spokesman Eric Angeloro, explained: “The main priority is to get people to drive the vehicle, and tapping into that Yo audience is a great way to do that. We’re giving ‘Electricurious’ San Franciscans the world’s first-ever Yo-powered test ride.”

Mercedes Benz has promised to run a fleet of eight vehicles on the day to meet demand, three of which will be electric. The promotion is designed to highlight how handy the vehicles are for city driving, being easy to park and requiring no petrol.

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