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Marriage proposal on Coca-Cola bottles grabs 1.2 million likes worldwide

Beautiful...Eloise... Will...You... Marry... MeBeautiful...Eloise... Will...You... Marry... Me
Donnie and Eloise: Marriage on the way
Congratulations  from Coke

A young Scot  who asked his girlfriend to marry him via the labels on Coke bottles in his fridge  has had over a million “likes” from round the world on Facebook .
Donnie McGilvray‎,  commented under the picture:: “I asked my girlfriend, Eloise to put the milk away in the fridge and this is what she saw.

The bottle labels read; "Beautiful Eloise Will You Marry Me" 

Donnie, from Tain in Ross-shire  posted the fridge picture  on  the Coca Cola Facebook page, He added: "Thanks Coca-Cola for all the help……….she said yes!!!” By yesterday the 'likes' total was over  1.2 million. 

Below the bottles in the fridge was a bunch of red roses 

There were also more than 15,000 comments : the vast majority (although not all)  flattering . 

A day after the proposal, Coca-Cola responded to the photo with an image congratulating the newly engaged couple. Many commenters suggested that Coke should pay for their wedding. 

BuzzFeed contacted Coca-Cola and McGilvray to confirm whether the image was deliberately manipulated or the labels were made especially for this proposal.

Coca-Cola confirmed that Donnie ordered the bottle labels using the personalised label page. Coca-Cola said “All of us at Coca-Cola would like to extend our huge congratulations to Donnie and Eloise on their engagement. 

“We were thrilled to see that Donnie used our personalised iconic glass bottles in such a special and romantic way. That is exactly what Share a Coke is all about; creating moments of happiness with the people closest to you.

“We hope they share a very happy life together and will be sending them some special congratulatory bottles to celebrate.”

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