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Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts eyes potential Dadsnet launch

Mumsnet founder Justine Roberts eyes potential Dadsnet launchMumsnet founder Justine Roberts eyes potential Dadsnet launch

Justine Roberts, founder of UK parenting website Mumsnet and Gransnet – one of the top sites for the over-50s – has expressed her desire to see a future, father-centric 'Dadsnet' equivalent.

Discussing the idea with The Drum, Roberts said that she “really hoped” for a launch as the world moves on from the issue of women taking the bulk of the responsibility with children, as well as glass ceilings in the office, and there is more shared responsibility around parenting.

Although a Dadnset launch is not yet on the current road map, Roberts said: “I do have faith that there will be [a Dadsnet],” she said.

Roberts joked that the content of the site would no doubt vastly differ from Mumsnet, where the most common theme of conversation in its forums is ‘Am I being unreasonable?’

“I wonder whether that is a female trait, and if men are plagued by these types of questions,” she laughed. “It might be a much slimmer site.”

Gransnet, which launched in May 2011, followed from the success of Mumsnet which now has over 10m visits per month to its 180 local sites – a model which has helped it expand so rapidly in Britain since its launch in 2000.

Commenting on whether she has a vision for a global Mumsnet site, Roberts said there are “no immediate plans” but that if it were to expand it would follow the model of building a series of local sites.

“It’s working really well for us – partnering with local editors and allowing them to really help shape the content,” she explained.

The full interview with Roberts will follow imminently in The Drum as part of the Girl Guides series. 

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