Twitter users to determine which World Cup finalist's colours will illuminate Rio’s Christ statue

Twitter users are set to choose which colours the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Genaro will be lit up in for the World Cup final: red and black for Germany or blue for Argentina.

Users can cast their vote using #ArmsWideOpen, plus the hashflag of their chosen finalist - #GER or #ARG, with the colours set to change in real-time based on the votes.

Set to run until Saturday 12 July, the lighting that reveals the voting results will appear between 7pm and 9pm (local time) on the eve of the World Cup Final.

Leonardo Stamillo, head of news and politics at Twitter Brazil, said: “The number of votes that each World Cup finalist receives from around the world will determine how long Christ the Redeemer will appear illuminated in that team’s colours.”

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