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Today's World Cup Tight Brief: Keep Americans interested in soccer

Today's World Cup Tight Brief: Keep Americans interested in soccerToday's World Cup Tight Brief: Keep Americans interested in soccer

The US may be out but soccer looks to have finally gripped the American people after the team's courageous performance at the World Cup.

But with four years to wait until the next one, the challenge now is to ensure these newfound fans stay loyal to their new favourite sport.

So, on the 4th July, what better time for a US-themed World Cup Tight Brief?

Today The Drum and Paddy Power want you to come up with a campaign to keep Americans interested in soccer.

The usual rules apply: you only have the remainder of the day to scamp up your posters and you should send them in .jpg form to tightbriefs@thedrum.com by midnight tonight.

All the ads will go into a public vote on Monday and the winner will receive a Tight Briefs certificate, a pair of Paddy's pants and will be in the running to be named our overall Tight Briefs World Cup winner.

If you're stuck for inspiration today, check out an old Tight Briefs challenge where we asked our readers to advertise soccer in the US. How things have changed since then...

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4 Jul 2014 - 15:06
jmsbn16983's picture

surely not another excuse to mock US Soccer....what is wrong with us ?? US Soccer is now well ahead of our own game.....we should be looking at the US model and learning from it - not mocking it.


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