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American Express teams with fashion photographer for #MySecretCity real-time exhibition

American Express teams with fashion photographer for #MySecretCity real-time exhibitionAmerican Express teams with fashion photographer for #MySecretCity

American Express has collaborated with fashion photographer Nick Knight to create #MySecretCity, a real-time photography exhibition to be hosted on Twitter.

The project kicks off on Thursday (3 July) when Knight will capture photos of the ‘hidden inspiration’ he sees around his West London home.

The images will then be shared in real time via the @AmexUK Twitter handle and amplified with a promoted trend #MySecretCity. The exhibition will be further supported before and after the live event by a video and photo gallery on Facebook and Instagram.

VP of brand and communications, American Express, Melissa Weber commented: “The cities we live in are brimming with potential, although we may only appreciate a fraction of what they have to offer. As a fashion photographer, Nick has consistently challenged conventional notions of beauty. Now we’re challenging him to re-imagine his commute to work and take a look at other sides to London, those that often go unnoticed in the hope that they inspire others to realise the potential of their city.”

My Secret City follows a study by American Express that suggests Brits are stuck on ‘urban autopilot’ when it comes to exploring their day-to-day surroundings.

The exhibition will be featured alongside a map created by American Express of London’s top inspirational spaces in collaboration with a number of UK bloggers.

It forms part of the brand’s ongoing Realise the Potential campaign which seeks to ‘celebrate and inspire people’ to get more out of life and is being run by an in-house team in partnership with MHP Communications, Online Fire, and Mindshare.

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