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Fire crews battle a blaze in latest ‘Power to you’ Vodafone ad

A fireman’s wife narrates the new Vodafone UK ad, the first by Grey London since its addition of the brand's roster, discussing how, after 27 years, she still wants texts and calls from her husband to make sure he is ok.

“But when he does, it’s never ‘I love you’, ‘I’m okay’, ‘I’m safe’. It’s just ‘what’s for dinner?’ Daft beggar,” she tuts, as the ad shows a team of fightfighers putting out a blaze.

As the fireman takes off his helmet at the end of the ad, it’s revealed that Vodafone’s network supports 77 per cent of the emergency services, with the ad stating ‘Power to our emergency services. Power to you.’

This is the first new campaign commissioned by Daryl Fielding since her appointment as Vodafone’s director of brand marketing last year.

She said: “This is a new approach for Vodafone UK, disrupting the trivialisation of the category. It’s a simple message and one which everyone can identify with – the importance of connectivity and the dependability of Vodafone’s network.”

As well as running on TV – having broken last night – the ad will air in cinemas and on VoD, as well as being backed by a national print campaign and online video content.

Vicki Maguire, deputy ECD, Grey London, said: “To the emergency services and their families, a strong communications network is as vital a piece of kit as any hose or fire truck. It was a privilege to be able to shoot with real firefighters. Seriously – they have proper jobs.”

OMD handled the media for the campaign.


29 Mar 2014 - 11:52
suemc75230's picture

I'm a FF and Vodafone was the only one out of orange & O2 that refused to give a discount to fire service personnel even though they have discounts for many businesses so I find this advert rather unjust.

1 Apr 2014 - 09:34
gmeva53709's picture

The advert states that 77% of Britain's emergency services use vodafone, but doesn't mention that 100% of Britain's emergency services are critically underfunded as a result of aggressive tax avoidance.

8 Apr 2014 - 21:55

How dare Vodafone exploit the heroism of firefighters. Their involvement is trivial, their ad parasitical. Shame on you.

12 Apr 2014 - 21:51
Stupl15769's picture

I would be interested where this figure came from? To my knowledge O2 operate the emergency service airwaves network and EE offer the best discounts to emergency services for private contracts...77% of whom?

29 May 2014 - 10:49
ste088's picture

Definitely a push by Vodafone to cement their business clients. Vodafone has almost completely lost its public clientel.



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