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66% of consumers more likely to shop in high street store that has a mobile app

66% of consumers more likely to shop in high street store that has a mobile app 66% of consumers more likely to shop in high street store that has a

Two thirds (66 per cent) of consumers in the US are more likely to shop at a store that has a useful mobile app. This figure rises to 84 per cent when app “power users” – the 25 per cent of consumers who use apps most frequently – were surveyed, according to a report from Apigee.

The findings come from a report titled “The Mobile Mandate for Retail - Three criteria for making the most of mobile apps in retail”, which gathered data from a survey of 1,000 smartphone owners in a bid to shed light on how mobile apps are changing consumer shopping behaviour and what these changes mean for retailers.

Overall, it found that stores that provide an app see much higher favourability scores among app using customers and this is ultimately influencing the way consumers shop.

Eighty-one per cent of current consumers said they have changed how they shop after owning a smartphone or tablet and a further 79 per cent expect their shopping to change even more in the next two years due to smartphones, tablets or apps.

“The rise of mobile isn’t just changing e-commerce. Our research finds that customers not only want brick-and-mortar retailers to deliver key services via apps, they expect them to,” said Bryan Kirschner, director of the Apigee Institute. “And not only that, digitally focused retailers are demonstrating better market results across the board. The message for twenty-first century retailers, whether online or physical, is clear: to succeed, they need to add apps to their strategy.”

The report went on to suggest that, based on the survey, the most important app features are an easily usable interface and a store-finder feature, with more than 50 percent calling them “critical”.

Customer service access and the ability to buy items through the app were the next most popular retail app features.

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